I own a luxury flat in North Nicosia in one of the safest and most decent neighbourhoods. I have an extra room with a double bed. Rest of the flat is shared but it should not be a problem since I live alone (except the two cats that live with me).

There is also a small studio village house in Esentepe, which is situated in a 4 acre land in my parents’ property. The location has exceptional view of sea and mountains and very close to sea.

Apart from these two properties I can arrange a stay in any desired location of the Island.


I own a small Suzuki Alto with a bicycle rack at the back and can easily serve two people when long distance travel is requested.

When necessary, I can arrange other vehicles for transportation or recreational activities.


Yes…the food…Endless possibilities are waiting for you…Apart from the local dishes, I am a good cook with Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Italian cuisine in my repertoire and can improvise to create delicious meals. Apart from these possibilities I know the best joints all around the Island and can help you experience the best the local cuisine can offer.


Camping in the nature, hiking on trails of Five Finger Mountains, kiteboarding, spearfishing, paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing, Tai-chi, Qigong and Yoga retreats are some of the possibilities.

Places to Visit

Based on your preferences, apart from the popular natural, historical and archaeological sites, I can arrange visits to alternative and sustainable living communities and may arrange stays at these locations.


There are many local festivals all throughout the year and these are perfect for getting in depth knowledge about the culture of Cyprus. The visits to such events can also be included in the scope of the trip.